Ladies, we invite you to join us, along with our Southwest Foursquare District, for the Essential Women’s Conference at Cornerstone Church in Las Vegas. Join us as women from near and far come together for vibrant worship, dynamic preaching and ministry to the soul.

Date: Thursday, March 26 - Saturday, March 28

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Cost: $125 before March 1. |  $145 after March 1


4 people per room - $98 per person

3 people per room - $125 per person

2 people per room - $165 per person

1 person per room - $285



Leave from the Thrive Center @ Noon

Check-in at hotel - 4pm

Conference Check-in - 6pm

General Session - 7pm

Appetizers after Evening Session

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020

Leadership Session - 9am

General Session - 10:30am

Lunch & Dinner on your own

General Session - 7pm

Appetizers after Evening Session


General Session - 10am

*Note: Cost of meals is not included.



If we are to truly Ignite the fire and power of the feminine soul, we must begin with a healthy foundation. So many women struggle with issues related to wholeness that we decided to focus on this for the entire Friday afternoon session. 

We are pleased to announce the partnership with Southwest District Pastor Health Team, Emmaus Road Counseling Center and Life Pacific College as we present the amazing ministry opportunities to you in our Friday afternoon breakout sessions.

The two breakout sessions will be repeated, giving you the opportunity to select two of the options offered. Please read carefully and be prepared on Friday morning to listen to the Holy Spirit during Thursday evening and Friday morning session. We believe God will guide your choices after the ministry from these two sessions.


2:15 PM - 3:30 PM: Breakout Session #1

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM: Breakout Session #2


Personal Ministry Opportunity

Under the leadership of Heather Riley the worship center will be open for you to receive personal ministry. As you walk in the room, you will immediately sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit and are asked to quietly take your place in wait for your personal prayer time. After you have been prayed for the altar area will be made available for you to process what the Lord is saying to you. We suggest you bring a Bible and journal as this is an all encompassing time of ministry focused on you!

Restoration Group Therapy

David Woo and Aimee Machida of Emmaus Road Counseling Center (ERCC) will each lead a small group of 20 into a restoration therapy process. Joining them will be a small team of therapists from ERCC that will allow each woman attending to truly participate in a short process that engages each person attending the session. The restoration groups are designed with participation in mind. While David and Aimee will set the tone and lay the foundation for the overall session, each restoration group of 20 will break into smaller groups of five with a female therapist from ERCC in each group. This is a wonderful opportunity that accommodates 80 women from our conference in the restoration therapy process. 

Leaning into Loss: Discovering the good that is promised.  

Heather Schwartz also from ERCC will present a group session for 25 people discussing how to navigate a loss toward wholeness. 

Leading Yourself to Wholeness

Angie Richey together with Mindy and Patrick Crowder will lead a panel discussion group focusing on key elements of taking personal responsibility for your own wholeness. This session is a larger setting in which the panel will engage in a discussion with opportunities for Q&A. In this session, the participants will learn principles and practices to activate wholeness in your own life. 

Leading Others to Wholeness

Angelia Waite and Marion Ingegneri together with Rene' Diamond a practicing counselor from Arizona will lead a panel discussion group focusing on key elements of leading others into personal wholeness. Leaders are often presented with difficult the difficult life situations of others. This session will focus on principles and practices to help lead others to wholeness.