THRIVE CHURCH leadership

We are thankful to have a dedicated team of both paid and volunteer leaders who care for the people and oversee the ministries at Thrive. 


Senior pastors

Pastors Barry & Megan moved to Glendora and were installed as the pastors at Thrive Church in January 2015.

Both are graduates of LIFE Pacific College in San Dimas, where they met in the mid nineties. They have four children; two sons in college and a son and daughter in high school.

Fun fact: Barry was born and raised in South Africa and Megan grew up in a small town in Alaska. Their childhood hometowns are as far apart as you can get on the earth.

TOM & deb ward


Tom & Deb have been at Thrive Church for almost 20 years! In that time they have served in numerous roles within the church. They currently serve as associate pastors, helping to give direction and oversight to the ministry teams of the church. 

Fun fact: Tom & Deb spend two months each year traveling across the USA in their RV. Along the way, they stop at various churches to love on and support the pastors of those congregations.

Jaques & kristi lilavois

worship leader & prayer leader

Jacques is the worship leader at Thrive. Before coming to the church in 2014, he led worship at another Foursquare church for over 13 years. He is an accomplished musician, song writer, and team builder.

Kristi leads the prayer ministry at the church. She is a graduate of LIFE Pacific College in San Dimas and loves to serve and care for people. Jaques and Kristi have three elementary school age children.

Fun fact: Jacques once played in a Brazilian Reggae band.  

Blake Mulock

youth leader

Blake is a current student of LIFE Pacific College. He leads Thrive Youth, our Jr High and High School ministry and is passionate about discipling young people.