Helping people Thrive in Christ


We exist to help people THRIVE in Christ by


GROWING in their faith,

SERVING like Jesus, and

GOING to all the world to reach others.


God First

We are a Spirit empowered, biblically founded people who put God at the center of every aspect of life and church. If God is
not glorified, we don’t do it.

People Matter

They matter to God and to us. Church and ministry are all about loving people, caring for people, knowing
people, helping people thrive. Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, every race, tribe and tongue, are welcome at Thrive Church.

Love does

We are compelled by love! For God so loved that he gave…and we do the same. Every day is full of opportunities and divine appointments to put love into action.

Grace Extended

We believe the best about people. Not everyone gets it right every time…and that’s okay. We have received grace and are ready to extend it to others.

Bring Your Best

God deserves the best we have to offer. Our time, our abilities, our finances, our attitude, our all. We choose to honor Him with our best.

Live in Community

People thrive in community, not isolation. We are a faith community who care for each other in every season of life. We fight for unity and reconciliation.

Minister in Team

Two are better than one. We minister in teams to grow people, build relationships, for greater effectiveness, to develop accountability, and accomplish God’s plans together.

Commit to Growth

Growth doesn’t happen without change. We embrace change to become more like Jesus. We commit ourselves to the discipline of growing in all aspects of faith and life.